Quido title
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The Joker... as described by Jena Smith of Covered Bridge Saint Bernards:

Joker is very good with kids and doesn’t meet a stranger. A super athletic boy who loves to play with toys. In fact, he will go "shopping" for his own toys at Petsmart, and will even drop the toy on the belt at the register! He enjoys going for car rides, walks, and loves to swim at the lake. And while he loves everyone, he certainly clings to me, loving to cuddle on the couch, and would even let me pet his fur off if possible! Joker is an amazing stud dog who has produced champions, and seems to consistently "out produce" himself. He also possesses a very serious side at times, as he is our alpha, and can be very driven. Still, a really obedient and kind dog. A truly wonderful example of a great St. Bernard.