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Midas title
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Quido collage


Our beautiful Viktor is a stunningly beautiful, short haired, male St. Bernard. He is quiet, kind, sweet, respectful, and loves everyone and everything. The only shortcoming in this beautiful boy is that he is just not going to be as big as we would like for him to become one of our breeding males. His mother came from our breeding, and indeed, was on the smaller side. Viktor's sire, however, was a very large, imported male from Russia, whom we had hoped would pass on his likeness to his son. However, as of this time at 14 months of age, he is just not exhibiting the size that we are looking to see. Now, that is not to say he is small, by any means, as he is around 130 pounds, and will likely still grow some more. But, we like to see our breeding males reach 160 to 180 pounds, and chances are that he is just not going to reach that ultimate size. For more information regarding this young male, please contact us.