Click HERE to see his AKC Pedigree.

Introducing ISKO, who is the latest aquisition from our European friend, Velibor Miki Gavric, of Bosnia, who is himself a well respected Internationl Judge and long time breeder of St. Bernards. To learn more of Isko, (pedigree and parents), and the kennel from which he and several of our other dogs have come, copy and paste this link to be taken to his breeder's website:

Isko is magnificent in so many ways, the least of which is his pedigree FULL of champions! (Unfortunatly, the AKC will not list foreign champions on their pedigree certificates.) His temperament is absolutely the best for bravery and kindness. Being imported as an adult aged 27 months, he fit right in with all the others without any problems, whatsoever. He is playful yet respectful of your space (to a point, hahaha) and quickly calms if you raise your voice. His build is large and solid with correct conformation, great structure and size of bone - his legs and paws are immense! Isko's head type is almost perfect, too, with a nose not too long/big nor too short/small. I love his coloring of deep mahogany with the black outlining. The evenly proportioned, large white collar around his neck and shoulders could not be more perfect. Even the 2 matching freckles on either side of his nose are attractive and kind of cute. He loves attention, is well mannered, and a true gentleman. We are simply grateful to be able to add him to our lineup of boys.

As soon as our girls continue cycling this spring, plans are to mate him to at least one, if not 2, of the girls for litters later this summer. It was a tough decision, but the price of his puppies shall remain the same as for all of our other boys' puppies. They are each wonderful in their own way, and should all throw sound, healthy, and beautiful offspring.