Gracie title

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Flora collage

Introducing "Flora," our youngest of the imports from 2019. This delightful girl is also from the successful show kennel in Bosnia, "Od Mikija," as our Dakar, imported earlier. Being half brother and sister, sharing the same sire, they could not be more different! Dakar is quiet, laid back, and easy going. Flora, simply put, is not. She is exuberant, overly anxious to please and play, and just must be in your lap, or on your feet, or against your leg! Thankfully, as she has reached her first birthday, she has calmed and is becoming much more quiet and peaceful. She is truly beautiful with the tri-coloring in her coat and black mask. Her size is on the very large end of the scale for girls, and has excellent conformation. She is going to make a wonderful addition to our pack!