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Spice title

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Faye collage

Our dear "Cleo" is like a teenage girl at this point, still figuring out her position in the "pack." Her mother, our late Ophie, was most definitely the alpha girl, and I do believe Cleo would like to be the one to fill her shoes. The others, however, are not quite as agreeable, which has resulted in several squabbles and quarrels amongst all the girls. But, Cleo has finally decided it's best to just get along and stay out of trouble. Fortunately, by living with all the older "bitches" (as all female dogs are called), she has learned to keep the peace and behave. She is a strong willed girl, with a tremendously athletic and correct body type, and I believe above average intelligence. She has ALWAYS been super sweet and fun loving toward us humans, so now I'm glad to see she's learning her place within the "pack." (That is not to say she's content to live with the cats, though, as she still chases them every chance she gets!) Cleo is a true example of each dog having his/her own personality, and one must deal with the type that presents itself. Still, she is a great example of why a St. Bernard makes a great human companion, as she is loving, respectful of and playful with all humans. It has just taken a bit longer for her to learn how to get along with other animals.